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Getting Sh*t Done | Burn Charts

So we've already talked about time diaries, concept maps, and to do lists. Now I want to talk burn charts. A burn chart is the calendarized version of your really detailed to do lists. You reverse engineer your timing according to a real, anticipated, or self-created due date. Your burn chart is the last ingredient in the planning process that takes you from wildly, dangerously, and painfully unhelpful to do list to a calendar that acts as your ongoing, self-propelling, auto-reminding, to do list.

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Getting Sh*t Done | To Do Lists

If you're making to-do lists now, or if you've abandoned them somewhere in a painful past, they may be sabotaging you. Instead, try writing down every individual task, no matter how small, that has to be completed, in the order they have to be completed, for the project to be considered "done." And make these exhaustive and comprehensive to do lists for every single project you're working on. All of them.

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Getting Sh*t Done | What's next?

Step back and think, "Do I want the same results? Or do I want different results?" Think about how you want to spend your time, think about what you want to accomplish. And of course, don't just think about your work. To build a purposeful, cohesive body of work, you wanna connect all the dots: make concept maps of your ideas and then make each project you work on add another layer to what you're already doing.

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